As an editorial and wedding photography veteran, Corbin takes each student on her complete journey — from selecting a palette and sourcing props for flat-lays to marrying reception details to the rest of the photography collection in an intentional way.

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Do you want to learn how to craft still life photographs with a strong technical foundation?











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People think most of the work happens at the beginning of their photography careers...

...but there is a massive amount of space between a successful, great photographer and a wildly successful, world renowned photographer with consistent, luxury work and solid planner relationships.

So much about the work we make is connected to who we are as people. Photographing weddings is one powerful way we can bring beauty back into the world. We may just be wedding photographers, but what we do is so much bigger than the work that we make on a single day. 

these are the most important photographs anyone makes.

a master class in photographing wedding day details

Over the years, many a photographer's work, although certainly beautiful, has become more reminiscent of a style assigned to the fine art wedding photography world as a whole, rather than connected to the photographer's personal artistry. While their portfolio is aesthetically pleasing, it is difficult for these photographers to really market themselves as visionaries.

It's difficult to be a more unique butterfly in an already beautiful kaleidoscope of butterflies. 

Technique is something that can be taught, technique is something you build upon. but artistry is something that should be nurtured, and you don’t want something like technical fumbles to get in the way of that.

Your guide to finding out what type of photographs really set your soul on fire and the journey of how to create images in that vein, that hold up in both style and craftsmanship.

that's where this course comes in


shouldn't detail shots be effortless?

You may ask yourself, is it really that complicated to photograph jewelry on a wedding day? It’s just shoes. It’s just an invite. And the truth is, no, it’s not that complicated to make images that are just fine. And it shouldn’t be. But I also want you to consider whether or not you feel happy with the shots you’re making. Creating great still life photography truly is an art. 

Consider the color palette, how the image works on its own and as part of the larger collection, where an editor might use this in their layout, how it contributes to the story of the day the couple will want to remember. Decide how to best represent each detail, how to bring your own aesthetic into the composition, and what props, tools, backgrounds, and camera settings will enhance this vision and goal rather than detract from it. 

For some time, these things just seemed second nature to me but in reality, these are tips and tools that have made my life easier when I’m shooting weddings.

Here's What You'll Learn

In this module, Corbin helps you develop a strong technical foundation that applies to all wedding detail photography and can be used no matter the gear you choose. This foundation will enable you to move through the timeline of the wedding day, balancing the needs of your couple while navigating creating styled images without struggle. 



The images start with you.  Corbin found a vision and voice that speaks to her own aesthetic and brings a sense of self to even the smallest of details.  What lights your soul on fire?  How do you want to bring a glimpse of yourself into your collection?  This module will walk you through Corbin's personal journey and will guide you through the process of reflecting on your own journey and discovering what makes you unique as an artist photographer.



This is an area where you're able to infuse more of your personal taste in the wedding photographs. You won't have many clients who come to the day with specific trays or antique ring boxes or textures for the jewelry to be photographed on, so this is a time where bringing your own props can really enhance these images. Learn what you need and how to use it to style editorial-worthy imagery.



The invitation photo can be a challenge to master, but it's perhaps one of the detail images of Corbin's that is most applauded.  From her learned experience shooting for some of the industry's top graphic designers and working for editorial publications, Corbin will take you step by step through this process,  showing you how she styles and photographs wedding paper.





Learn how to produce magazine cover-worthy images of any wedding's details, which in turn strengthens other vendors' portfolios. This is the secret to landing luxury jobs!



It's not uncommon for reception details to feel a bit hectic. It's a time of the day narrowly wedged between the ceremony and that dreaded moment when guests start flooding into your perfect shot, dropping jackets and purses in their wake. You can't ever be sure if you're going to have five minutes or 45 minutes, so the better honed your process, the more opportunity you'll have to get creative with your shots. This module teaches you how to use your precious time to its full advantage.


— joy proctor

"a game -changer for the wedding industry."


"This course is a game-changer for the wedding industry. Corbin is amazing! Even as a non-photographer, I want to take this course!

"What Corbin brings to a wedding weekend is not just a calm, professional attitude, incredible eye and meticulous craft, but an appreciation for detail that is truly unparalleled. Her approach begins months before as she becomes intimately invested in the design approach and aesthetic that is unique to each couple and every wedding. She sources 'bits and bobs' often scoured specifically for the wedding or from her extensive collection of treasures to complement invitation suites or detailed flat lays. These are highly technical setups that she often has to do on the fly due to natural wedding-day time constraints, yet she executes them flawlessly and efficiently, with a professional calm that carries through to all around her. It is a testament to her preparedness, her professionalism, her experience, and the true artist that she is."


 these are highly technical setups that she often has to do on the fly due to natural wedding-day time constraints, yet she executes them flawlessly and efficiently




learning to photograph details from corbin has empowered me to slow down and create personal images that bring life and emotion into every facet of a wedding day, elevating my work.



"The way in which Corbin captures details is pure magic. Vintage plates meticulously placed underneath rings, invitations layered on hand painted backdrops and a bride’s bouquet positioned in dappled light is stunning. Her passion and patience is articulated in every image she makes and highlights her ability to forge a connection between her vision and the couple's love story. Learning to photograph details from Corbin has empowered me to slow down and create personal images that bring life and emotion into every facet of a wedding day,
elevating my work."

— Mina von Feilitzsch, 
Mina von Feilitzsch PHOTOGRAPHY

"Corbin will teach you how to see every detail in all its beauty, how to tell its story, and how to make artful (and rapid) decisions on even the most pressure-filled, elaborate wedding days to create stunning images that are at once perfectly crafted and timelessly delicate."

"It’s an intense, delightful privilege to be a photographer on a wedding day. So much heart, vision, love, design, and care goes into every detail, often years in advance. And then suddenly there you are. The day is here and time flows on and you are the only one that can make all that loveliness, all that magic, last - for the couple as well as for the artisans whose labors of love and craftsmanship culminated in the invitations, the floral arrangements, the design, the beauty, the gifts. 

Where to put the bouquet? What do I do with this intricate invitation suite? How am I supposed to photograph the cascading floral abundance of this reception space in only five minutes? There are so many options, so little time, and if you’re like I was - you’re the picture of calm assurance on the outside but quietly wondering to yourself if it’s possible to have a heart attack from photography-induced stress.

But then, I met Corbin. And she completely and utterly changed my life as a wedding photographer. She will teach you how to see every detail in all its beauty, how to tell its story, and how to make artful (and rapid) decisions on even the most pressure-filled, elaborate wedding days to create stunning images that are at once perfectly crafted and timelessly delicate. 

If you have the opportunity to take this course - I urge you to. Corbin is an artist and an artisan in every sense of the word, and teaches techniques and insights honed over the nearly two decades of her adventurous and beautiful photography career. She shares a deep understanding of light, palette, composition, and narrative that will become the foundation for the most elegant, compelling images you have ever created. "



Study at your own pace

learn exactly how real wedding shots were created

enjoy lifetime access

benefit from techniques developed over 19 years






paper goods, including invitations and escort cards

fashion details, including veils, jewelry, bridal gowns, and shoes

floral details, including bouquets and boutonnieres

reception details, including table decor and cakes

and more!

watch real-time demonstrations of the most common details present on the wedding day

YES, I'M in!


meet your teacher,
Corbin Gurkin

Corbin has long been a bit of a reluctant educator and shied way from teaching workshops — her process feels second nature and really specific to her vision — but all the while, she has been a giving teacher. Corbin finds immense joy in mentoring her team of second shooters and sharing flat lay tips with curious peers, encouraging them to create beautifully styled still life images in a way that feels approachable in the frenzy of the wedding day. Corbin’s style is not overly complex but connects deeply to her personal aesthetic, and now she is excited to share that process outside of her intimate circle of shooters.

Corbin has been a guest on podcasts Dare to Develop and Play It Brave, and she has spoken at Hybrid Co., Bliss and Bokeh, Charleston Wedding Week, and WPPI.

I approach each wedding with a unique sense of self, interpreting the narrative with my distinct vision while still allowing the couple’s story to authentically unfold. While the feeling in the images connects deeply to the couple and how they experience the day, I want the still life moments to be uniquely 'Corbin' in style. These are the shots where my artistry and personal aesthetic can live without overly inserting myself into the more emotive aspects of the day. I believe in crafting still life photographs with a strong technical foundation so that one can produce work completely uninhibited by lack of confidence in skill, setup, timing, or direction. I want to be a pioneer. I am constantly in the pursuit of perfecting my own process and not looking to others." 

"I developed a unique set of skills to help my industry peers hone in on what makes their images personal to their own artistic journey.

- Corbin

Number of downloadable reference and worksheets.


Number of presentation slides throughout the course.


Years experience Corbin has as a wedding photographer, developing these techniques.


Number of lessons for mastering styling and photographing wedding details.


building a reputation based on hard work and consistency

creating cohesive, storybook narratives of each event you photograph

capturing imagery that simultaneously meets the needs of your couples, other vendors, and editors

losing the stress of beating the wedding day timeline

perfecting your technical abilities 

make THIS the year you finally commit to:

giving yourself the space to develop your true artistry



" Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

This     for you if:

you're looking to improve your posing skills

you want to develop a portfolio of work uniquely you in style

you want to break through from good to great in order to consistently book luxury clients and land publications

you're seeking a course on the marketing, accounting, or legal aspects of running a photography business

It's probably       for you if...



It's probably
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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m an established wedding photographer. Will this content be too basic for me? 

should i shoot film or digital in order to benefit from this course?

In this course, Corbin photographs with both film and digital cameras. The technique is identical and will not make a difference if you shoot one or the other. Corbin is a completely hybrid shooter, and because her setup and approach is always consistent, the images work seamlessly together.   

As an established photographer, you may be asking yourself what will take your work to the next level. Are you booking beautiful weddings but struggling to break into a luxury market? Do you feel like your images are pleasing but not necessarily recognizable as specific to your brand in the endless scrolling of beautiful wedding photography? You are in a position to perfect your craft and market yourself as a go to for wedding planners who want a consistent and publishable final product. Are you also thinking about how you want to infuse more of yourself into your images? This course aims to ignite that journey.

Can I share the course with a friend? 

While we're so honored that the you loved the information and found it valuable to the point where you’d like others to learn from it too, the purchase of this course is only valid for one student. Please direct your friend to purchase the course and start getting the benefits for themselves. Or for your besties, this could make a lovely gift!

While Corbin makes suggestions on styling kit items and a few notes on her preferred gear, there are no major gear investments required to implement the techniques learned in this course. In fact, the number one tool in her styling kit is a seven dollar item from Amazon. Aren’t you curious what that might be?

Do I need any specific gear or props in order to take this course?

While the producing of images in this course are set up with the photographer’s end result in mind, Corbin’s unique styling skill can be appreciated by designers, planners, and florists alike who want to better understand how to design for the best visual result and how to create an environment where the photography of their designs can be improved. Much of the course connects to the styling of the images themselves and thus is the perfect resource for other wedding vendors who want to improve publishability.

I’m a stylist, florist, videographer, or wedding planner. do I need to be a photographer to take the course?

You are in a perfect position to take this course. The wonderful thing about being in the early stages of your development as a photographer is you will not have to unlearn practices that are not currently serving you on a wedding day. You can start from scratch with your still life technique and perfect your setup so that you are creating technically sound and aesthetically unique images in no time.  

I’m brand new to wedding photography. Will this course be too advanced for me?

EMAIL corbin

Yes, this course is an investment. However, Corbin firmly believes through her own career experiences that investing in yourself, your education, and your business has an unmeasurable, positive return. The techniques in this course are meant to help you and your business grow. If you're still unsure about the fit of this course, please reach out via email with your questions or concerns.

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